All doughnuts are made fresh to order! Best eaten on day of collection.

As soon as you know the date required, please send me a message. These are in high demand and the sooner you are able to place your order, the more likely you’ll avoid disappointment!

You can choose your own customised boxes, with no limit on the number of doughnuts (4/6/12 etc).

Pricing & Flavours

Doughnuts with 'I Love You' lettering

The following flavours are £2.15 each.

  • Sugar
  • Hungry Hippo (New)
  • Twix (New)
  • Your My Lucky Charm (New)
  • Bailey’s (New)
  • Eton Mess (Filled)
  • Raspberry (Filled)
  • Banoffee (Filled)
  • Caramel and Brownie (Filled)
  • Reece’s (Filled)
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Kinder (Nutella)
  • Oreo
  • Toffee and Popcorn
  • Lotus
  • Bounty
  • Coffee and Walnut
  • Marbled Jelly
  • White Chocolate (Kit Kat)
  • Personalised Glaze
  • Crunchie Comb
  • M&M

A mix of Peanut butter, chocolate and jelly bean doughnuts

Stuffed Doughnut

Doughnut stuffed with a whole Kinder bar, topped with Nutella, white chocolate & Kinder milk.

£2.95 each or 2 for £5.

Doughnut stuffed with a whole Kinder bar, topped with Nutella and white chocolate

Limited edition Cadbury box

Box of 4 – £8.60
Box of 6 – £12.90

Box of 6 Cadbury doughnuts